Full Management




Your student-athlete’s recruitment process will be overseen and managed by a dedicated sports agent tasked with maximizing all phases of the recruitment process, Management, Engagement, and Commitment Phase.

Recruitment Toolkit  +

    • A Dedicated M:7 Sports & Recruitment Agent
    • Media and Interview Training Session
    • Active Social Media Monitoring & Social Media Management
    • Personalized Hype Video (Up to 60 seconds in length)
    • Six (6) Graphic Designs per year for use on the Student-Athlete’s Social Media Platforms
    • Name, Image, & Likeness (NIL) Consulting (If Applicable Within the Student-Athlete’s Home State)
    • Active Brand Management & Monitoring
    • M:7 Sports’ College Evaluation Tool Report for any of the Student-Athlete’s Prospective Colleges/Universities
    • Customized Professional Resume (updated annually)
    • Exclusive Member Pricing for Additional Marketing Products
    • Upon High School Graduation, Invitation to M:7 Sports’ College Omni Elite Brand Management Program
    • Access to M:7 Sports’ Entire Catalog of Webinar Content

4 Payments of $500 can be made over time, with $500 due at signing. Contact [email protected] for this option.